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Collaborators: Eliza Randall (composer); Adee David (performer, Charlotte), Emily Franch (performer, Mary), Max Meyers (performer, John)

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Adapted from the classic feminist short story: a neurodivergent woman is placed in medical isolation, where she grapples with her family’s expectations and being separated from her newborn baby.

Starsong, Erika Ji & Andrew Strano


Through light and puppetry, STARSONG tells the story of twin stars. They do everything together, growing close, meeting the other stars in the universe. But, when they stray too close to a black hole, one has to make a decision.

Artist Statement

STARSONG is about the deep and beautiful bond we form with our loved ones, the anguish we feel when we are separated from them by forces outside of our control, and the hope and warmth of community that is there for us when we are ready to seek it.

STARSONG is based on the true story of a star that scientists found hurtling through the galaxy. They traced it back to the center of the Milky Way and discovered that a black hole had separated it from its twin. We were so taken by this image of twin stars, torn away from each other by a black hole. It spoke to us so viscerally, we felt like we had to tell this story.

Especially during a time when so many of us are isolated from our loved ones, we hope that STARSONG moves our audience members to reach out to their loved ones and tell them how much they love them.

Garden Tongues, Grace Yi-Li Tong

Collaborators: Grace Yi-Li Tong, Rachel Ha-Eun Lee, Sydney Shu-Yu Chow


Garden Tongues is a spiteful description of tastes: the bitterness of exotification, the saltiness of my grandmother’s kitchen, and the sweetness of collective strength. It was built to parody the media representation of Asianness, anti-Asian racism during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fetishization of the Asian Woman.

Artist Statement

I describe my choreography as “movement collage”. In most processes, choreographic material is sampled from performers’ everyday lives and constructs a collective world during performance. Performers’ honest identities and experiences inform the final product in every work, and absurdity and humor are byproducts of decontextualized movement and my innate sense of fun! This piece is specific to my experience coming-of-age in the US as an Asian American woman! It is a kooky and flippant piece that I hope you enjoy!

Falling, Yueqing(Selena) Zhang


This is a hiphop piece choreographed by Matt Steffanina