Film & Videography

*works listed in order by Author's last name; due to file size limitation, all film & videography work will be viewed by clicking the WATCH button below each image caption  

Hollow Ground, Jacob Boblitt 

Collaborators: Theresa DerManouelian- Actress, Aidan McSoley- Actor


After making mysterious contact with a lost love, an agoraphobic shut-in heads out to find closure despite a past he would prefer to leave buried.

A Promise is A Promise, Fernando Jose Hierro

Collaborators: Chynah Michele, Jibril Rasul Hakim, Tyler Mittleman, Jakob Telepman


A short romance film that follows a director and a visual artist fall in love. The film is 20 minutes long, but due to time constraints for the festival, I believe this 5 minute excerpt captures the core of the movie.

Artist Statement

Hi! Thank you for checking out my short film. I am currently in the process of developing my next short. Just you watching this makes me happy. Hope you enjoy!

Scissor Date, Hana Lustig

Collaborator: music by Aaron Lustig, a student at Steinhardt.


the contemplation and frustration of curly hair

You See Me, Maya Lopez

Collaborators: Director/Cinematography - Sophia Mickelson, Executive Producer - Michelle Leideker, Dancers and Choreographer - Destiny Delancy, Dymon Samara Smith, Herne Jean-Baptiste, Malcolm Miles Young, Editor - Elijah Beyer, Music mixed by Vivi.theengineer


"You See me" is a musical interlude that explores the conflict of how to feel seen in a world modulating between darkness and light.

Artist Statement

In this new year I have projects I am excited to share with the world, starting with this video that embodies my artistries essence. From there I will share a solar system of creations combining my works and collaborations with artists from many disciplines. As an artist I plan to follow the principles of being “refmatic”, a category I have created combining the words and sentiments related to reflecting and being rhizomatic. Reflecting because, as Nina Simone famously stated, the artist’s duty is to reflect the spirit of the times and the situations in which we find ourselves. Rhizomatic because the music I create is strongly connected to storytelling and otherworldliness.

A voice is like a fire, Jordan Miles


A quiet young girl finds her voice amongst her combative family.

Artist Statement

"A Voice is Like Fire" is a 1:46 minute paper stop motion animation based on personal struggles experienced by the director, Jordan Miles. This is her first animation film and the idea is an exaggeration of a real life event that occurred when she was 13.

Sapphic Fighting Animatic, Carlos Saleh 

Collaborator: Bella (V.A)


The Sapphic Knight must protect Brooklyn from being conquered by her childhood rival Skeleton Queen.

Artist Statement

Cheers to pissing off homophobes!

Flutter, Lola Verhulst

Collaborators: Malaya Tarasco, Anna Keating, Ethan Hsia, Jason Lee


A couple in love.

Restless, Tony Wang

Collaborators: Sidney White, Rhea Li, Stella Wunder


With the restrictions of going outdoors and with socializing in general, our imagination and emotions have become increasingly more tactile. ‘Restless’ examines an emotional journey as the protagonist’s mind travels through a series of mental landscapes, yearning for hope and freedom.

Artist Statement

Tony is an award winning filmmaker and photographer studying Photographic Imaging at NYU Tisch. His artworks primarily focus on the sensory and emotional experience of his audience. Recently, his film "Liberated" received official selection at New York No Limits Film Summit 2020.

Hidden Face, Jiaxin Ying

Collaborators: Zilu Chen


An exploration of identity told through a mask-changing dance.